66008 Champion Black (AWF)

66008 Champion Black (AWF)

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Champion Black is covered in a durable coated polyester cover which is both padded and backed. This group has a double reclining sofa with a drop down table and a motion console loveseat.


  • Motion double reclining sofa with drop down table
  • Huge padded arms
  • Glider loveseat with console storage
  • Power sofa and recliner optional
  • Accent stitching throughout
  • Fabric Name: Black
  • Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric Cleaning Code: S


  • 66008-11 Dbl. Rec. Sofa
    85”L x 38”D x 40”H



  • 66008-31 Power Dbl Rec Sofa
    85”L x 38”D x 40”H



  • 66008-52 Glider Console Loveseat
    76”L x 38”D x 40”H



  • 66008-03 Recliner
    41”L x 38”D x 40”H